Sister Band Ibeyi Literally Held Their Breath In Their Twisted “River” Video


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Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz had the perfect group name for their musical act right at their finger tips. Ibeyi means twins in their native language, Yoruba. And, you guessed it, the sisters are twins.

What has really caught the attention of music taste makers and earned them new fans, is their incredible video for “River”. The video is simple and minimalist but still very powerful. In the video, Naomi and Lisa are being held down under water then pulled out when it is their time to sing. The video kind of gives us anxiety, in a good way.

“It was really, really really hurtful but we knew Ed Morris the film [and music video] director is amazing,” Naomi said. “We really love him and when he came with this idea we were like, ‘Yeah! Let’s do it,'”

“As female artists we wanted something twisted… something that is stronger, powerful and with water and he came with this idea and we were like, ‘Let’s film this now!'” Lisa-Kaindé said.

Their music combines elements of music from their heritage including French, Afro-Cuban and Yoruba with jazz beats and modern samples. They played all of the instruments and provided all of the vocals on their self-titled album that came out in February.

“I knew that I wanted something really intimate and something organic. And that’s what we did,” Lisa-Kaindé said when we caught up with the duo earlier this month.

But there was one artist that Naomi was listening to the most leading up to the release of Ibeyi.

“Before the album I was listening to James Blake and for me he is wonderful,” Naomi said. “And to have hip-hop influences because I’m a huge fan of hip-hop. It’s what I’m listening to on a daily basis.”

Watch more from the interview below including how the women communicate through their music and combine their individual music tastes.

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