Sleigh Bells Have A Tear-Filled Summer In ‘It’s Just Us Now’ Video

It's Just Us Now

When it comes to good locations for crying, a pool may not seem like an obvious choice, but for Sleigh Bells and their new music video “It’s Just Us Now,” a pool is the prime location. It makes sense, really. You’re already wet.

Sleigh Bells frontwoman Alexis Krauss is having a bummer summer in “It’s Just Us Now,” spending her days with tear-soaked cheeks in a pool, taking breaks to stand in a field and scream and train for a run that looks like no fun. Band member Derek Miller pulls double duty in the new video, both directing and starring, with his scenes including a bandana and some shredding in a field.

The eerie video opens with the words “AS FAR BACK AS I CAN REMEMBER, I ALWAYS WANTED TO BUILD A FIRE” before going into the pool pity party visuals. With an overall threatening feeling, the video is a match for Sleigh Bells’ intense new single that packs a punch from start to finish.

“It’s Just Us Now” is Sleigh Bells’ latest release from their newly announced upcoming album Jessica Rabbit—their first in three years. The new disc is set to drop November 11, and also features the tracks “Rule Number One” and “Hyper Dark.”

Watch Sleigh Bells in “It’s Just Us Now” below.