Slimer Makes Its Debut In New Trailer For ‘Ghostbusters’

Ghostbusters Trailer

We’re still two months away from the July 15 release of the Ghostbusters reboot, but the critiques have been piling up against the new supernatural flick since its first trailer debuted in March. Earning the unfortunate title of Most Disliked Trailer on YouTube courtesy of its 600,000 thumbs downs, the question of whether or not the new film even has a shot at being successful is a valid one.

Is it sexism against an all-female cast? An unwillingness to watch a reboot of a beloved movie? Outrage over Leslie Jones, the only black female in the cast, playing the role of a transit worker, a stark contrast to the other three leads playing scientists? A trailer that isn’t very funny?

Maybe it’s a little bit of all those things together, but one thing we do know is that a cast of Jones, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon is enough to get us to the theatre this summer and give the film a chance.

A new trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters film was released today and features a possessed Chris Hemsworth, more ghosts, and our first look at Slimer. Enjoy your nightmares, new generation of Ghostbuster viewers.

Ghostbusters hits theatres on July 15.