Snoop Dogg To Be First Musician Inducted To WWE Hall Of Fame

Snoop WWE

It’s difficult to believe there are some things left in the entertainment world that rapper Snoop Dogg hasn’t done.

He’s been nominated for 17 Grammys, released 13 studio albums, changed his name from Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion and then back again, starred in a number of movies and TV shows, and enjoyed countless hit singles on his own and with other artists. But for all his accomplishments, Snoop Dogg has never been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Actually, no musician has.

That’s about to change. He has appeared in a number of WWE matches and during this weekend’s WWE Wrestlemania in Dallas, Snoop will become the first musician to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. The rapper has a long history with the organization and even has a family connection, with his cousin Sasha Banks a wrestler in the WWE.

Snoop will join other celebrities inductees, including Drew Carrey, Mr. T, Mike Tyson, Donald Trump, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Below is a clip of Snoop with Hulk Hogan at a WWE event last year. If you already go by Snoop Dogg, do you still need a wrestling name?