So About Those Homer And Marge Breakup Rumours…


Tue, June, 23 by


Earlier this month, the internet freaked out over rumours that TV’s most beloved animated couple, Homer and Marge Simpson, were going to separate in the The Simpsons’ upcoming 27th season. Although the couple briefly divorced in its eighth season (remember that?), this time, things sounded more serious, with guest actress Lena Dunham playing a new potential love interest for Homer.

Well, after weeks of us crying over this news, Homer and Marge have finally released an official statement about this so-called breakup, just as any famous couple would do.

In the video, the two are seen sitting below a banner that reads “TOGETHER FOREVER” and are surrounded by flowers and even framed pictures of their kids and pets. At first, Homer appeared clueless about these rumours (D’OH), but then he states: “Listen here, Margery and I are as solid as a rock. I mean, if she didn’t dump me when I nearly slept with the doughnut lady…” Okay, maybe Homer isn’t great with words. Like, he should totally shut up sometimes. But thankfully, he apologizes…before getting hit in the eye with an arrow by Maggie. Welp, that doesn’t entirely clear things up, but we’re hopeful that this separation won’t be a permanent thing! PHEW!