5 Ways To Celebrate One Year Of ‘A Seat At The Table’

Today marks a year since the initial release of singer and songwriter Solange Knowles’ third studio album A Seat At The Table. After a four-year musical hiatus, Solange returned to the scene with a new sound and vision for her project. Channeling her focus on social issues, empowerment, independence and healing she delivered the album as a complete surprise to fans.

A Seat At The Table became Solange’s best-selling album and rose to the No.1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart. To commemorate this culturally significant album, we’ve rounded up five different ways to celebrate.


Get The Look

A Seat At The Table had an unforgettable assortment of visuals, including the many unique rule-breaking outfits that tested the boundaries of fashion—Solo was serving looks. So, the next time you’re sitting in the passenger seat of a car with the window rolled up singing “Don’t Touch My Hair” at the top of your lungs like you’re in the music video, you could also have on the exact J.W Anderson earrings Solange wore, or rock the iconic hairstyle she donned on the album cover.


Read The Kermit The Frog Version Of “Cranes In The Sky”

Twitter had social media buzzing last April after the account @Jiljilec posted a series of Kermit the Frog memes that perfectly fit with the lyrics of “Cranes in the Sky.” The hilarious tweets were brought to the attention of Solange who quickly cosigned, uploading the entire thread onto her Instagram story after “legit crying.” Check out the tweets below:


Have A Photoshoot With Your Girls

Banding together in friendship and unity to show your support for one another is a prime example of the empowerment Solange referenced throughout A Seat At The Table.  So, grab your girls, pick an aesthetic and strike a pose for the camera.

Buy The Vinyl

To commemorate the big day, Solange will be releasing exclusive limited edition red vinyl copies of A Seat At The Table for fans. The cherry-red vinyls are available now.

Jam Out To Solange’s Playlist

Tidal has released a playlist featuring 15 tracks that inspired some of the recurring themes and stylistic elements within A Seat At The Table. Some of the artists featured include: Kanye West, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and OutKast. Put it on and have a dance party with your friends, you dog or by yourself!