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The Internet Reacts To The Solar Eclipse

Thanks to the Internet, no major event can happen without a slew of snarky tweets and memes popping up. Yesterday, a total solar eclipse was visible from parts of North America for the first time since 1918. And no, the social media sphere did not exert an ounce of chill. Check out the best reactions to the 2017 eclipse below.


Donald Trump Looking Directly Into The Sun

President Trump added “looked directly into a solar eclipse despite being warned not to” to his already long list of “accomplishments” this past four weeks.


Cake Wars

Hostess declared on Twitter that it was the official snack cake of the eclipse, but rival snack (and the more appropriately named) Moon Pie was quick to jump in and set the record straight.


Eclipse Apathy

While the eclipse was regarded by most as a major cosmic event, there were still some folks who weren’t all that excited.


Eye Protection

The number one rule of eclipses, (obviously unbeknownst to President Trump) is to not look at the sun during an eclipse without protective eyewear. Here are a few safety suggestions from around the Twittersphere.

If social media still exists when North America’s next full solar eclipse threatens the eyeballs of the misinformed on April 8, 2024, check back here for another roundup of reactions!