SonReal Revisits Tour Bus Crash In Music Video For ‘Problems’

Earlier this year in May, Canadian musician SonReal took another giant step in his continuing evolution as an artist with his single “Potential” (listen here). The Vancouver native is successfully playing with genres and arrangements again, this time taking one of his most difficult years and turning it into an inspirational track for his fans.

Just released today, “Problems” is another slow pop number that like “Potential,” focuses more on SonReal’s singing abilities than his spitfire rapping. But like all of SonReal’s music, it’s the lyrical content and the raw and personal storytelling that draws listeners in.

Speaking with Billboard, SonReal, real name Aaron Hoffman, says that the song was inspired by various struggles he’s endured, from sleeping on a friend’s couch while recording his EP, to losing his father earlier this year and leaving Capitol Records. Citing his fans as helping him find his musical purpose, SonReal said, “I got off my last tour and I was doing VIP tickets, getting to know my fans more so than on previous tours. I started realizing that my fans aren’t with me because I make funny videos or because I rap the best; they use my music to pick them up. ”

Using this knowledge as the inspiration for his latest single “Problems”, SonReal recorded one of his most purposely uplifting tracks to date.

“They would say things like, ‘Your music saved my life,’ or, ‘I was in a deep depression and it was [this song] that made me work through it,'” SonReal told Billboard. “Last year I had a tough year. I lost my father, and I leaned on music to get through it. The world needs to hear that things aren’t perfect all the time, that everyone is human and goes through things all the time. At the end of the day, you aren’t alone.”

The new video shows SonReal hanging out in his hometown of Vancouver, as well as footage and images from SonReal’s 2016 bus crash, which he spoke with Much VJ Tyrone Edwards about following what he calls a ‘tragic’ incident.

The crash happened when SonReal’s tour bus had a tire explode while driving on the highway, causing the bus to crash into a nearby corn field. Amazingly no one was hurt, with SonReal saying he and his crew were able to laugh about the event later. Like, ‘after everyone was checked for internal bleeding,’ later. Thankfully, the crash wasn’t more of a serious ‘problem.’

“Problems” is set to appear on SonReal’s upcoming project One Long Dream, due out August 11.