SonReal Tells The Story Of His Musical Rise In New Videos

The music industry pumps out just enough stories of singers going from karaoke bars to sold-out arenas in the span of a few months to make us forget that isn’t the norm. But the truth of the music business and most professions is that the majority of people spend years honing their craft before receiving attention.

That’s the case of Canadian artist SonReal. The BC-born rapper and singer is set to release his first EP One Long Dream on August 11, having already dropped the inspirational “Problems” and the ambitious and exciting ballad “Potential.”

Gaining a loyal fan base over the years has been in large part thanks to the honesty in his lyrics, something SonReal is now delivering in a new way. Just days ahead of releasing One Long Dream, SonReal has begun posting documentary-style videos on his Instagram page.

The iHeartRadio MMVA nominee goes back to the beginning in Part 1, revealing that his first few years as a professional musician were spent working construction during the day and inviting friends to hear him perform at local clubs at night.

Part 1: I put my life into this album. Heres where it all started…..#OneLongDream

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In Part 2, SonReal chronicles the five years he and his team spent living together in a house and spending all their money on recording music and traveling to music festivals in hopes of growing their audience.

Part 3 of SonReal’s mini doc focuses on the whirlwind surrounding his eventual signing to Capitol Records, something the musician had been dreaming about for years.

Part 3. Everywhere We Go.

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In the final video installment, SonReal recounts the tumultuous year and a half he spent touring and recording his album with Capitol Records. During that time, he lost his father, was in a bus accident with his crew, and injured his shoulder and lost mobility in his right arm. To cap it all off, SonReal lost his record deal with Capitol Records. Amazingly, the musician was able to push through the insurmountable pain and heartache to finish One Long Dream the same way he began his career – surrounded by the people who always stood by him.

It’s been a tumultuous 2017 for SonReal, but on the eve of his highly anticipated One Long Dream, we can’t wait to hear the next step in his ongoing musical evolution.