SonReal Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His ‘For The Town’ Music Video


Fri, June, 12 by


SonReal’s music video for For The Town is nominated for an MMVA this year for Best Post-Production and if you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand why the striking video deserves the nod. The surreal clip finds people watching SonReal’s music video suffer violent consequences, from getting punched through the computer screen to an even more gruesome scene by the poolside, each scene getting more meta and layered than Inception. In short, it’s an amazing mind-f**k.

Today, we have an exclusive behind the scenes look at SonReal’s For The Town video! In this clip, the rapper reveals his creative process, both musically and visually. “Lots of the time, when I’m recording these songs I’m in the studio and I’m working on this music, I’m thinking — as crazy as it sounds — I’m thinking about the video before the song’s even done,” he says.

But the crazy concept behind For The Town isn’t entirely SonReal’s idea as much as it was director Pete Huang, who approached the artist with this strange idea. “For The Town is, like, one of the craziest concepts I’ve ever heard from a director,” SonReal reveals. “I can’t even really take credit, that was all Peter Huang, he absolutely murdered that concept […] I’m a risk-taker, I don’t like playing things safe.”

Watch the behind the scenes of For The Town below and don’t forget to tune in to the MMVAs on Sunday, June 21!