SonReal Shows How He Won The West In ‘Whoa Nilly’ Video

Whoa Nilly Much

Thank goodness for SonReal. The West Coast rapper is one of the few artists in the music business today who treats music videos like an artistic endeavor unto themselves, rather than just something to watch while a new song plays. SonReal has given us some of the greatest music videos of the past three years and his latest release today with Whoa Nilly doesn’t disappoint.

Striking his hilarious trademark deadpan persona, SonReal plays a cowboy in his new Western themed video. Showing off his sharp shooters skills, which make up for his terrible knot-untying skills, SonReal rides into a sleepy town and wakes it up with his latest banger.

The Much Fact funded video was directed by Peter Huang, who worked with SonReal on For The Town, Believe, LA, and his YouTube shattering Everywhere We Go. The new video features a number of extras, including SonReal’s mom. Awwwww.

SonReal is currently on tour through the US and Canada with fellow Canadian MC Classified.

Check out Whoa Nilly from SonReal below!