‘South Park’ Strikes Early And Often In Its Best Performance Of The Season


Thu, October, 19 by

SOUTH PARK — A solid performance from veteran Marvin Marsh and strong showings from rookies Mrs. McGillicuddy and Marcus Preston highlighted another impressive outing from South Park in this, its 21st season.  Thanks to “Hummels & Heroin” the show is on pace to set records in both Jokes Rates and Gag Percentages while maintaining a steady SPE (Songs Per Episode) and Puke Ratio.

Early episode scoring has not been a problem this season and South Park continued the trend with another impressive first act that capitalized on its signature shock value along with timely contributions from newcomers. On its first joke, the show introduced an opioid epidemic with an assist from costumed children’s characters whose barfing led to immediate laughs. The episode then busted open its A-plot involving a drug ring operating out of Grandpa Marsh’s nursing home, which gained huge momentum thanks the support of Preston and McGillicuddy taking on the roles of vigilant child do-gooder and villainous drug pusher, respectively.

A sloppy Act 2 wasn’t in the cards as Parker’s squad went into overdrive after the commercial break starting with a beauty assist from Killer Mike who provided an original song about mass incarceration. Plot-wise, the show stayed sharp by leaning on its veterans with characters like Randy Marsh stepping up and doing what they do best.

But to be successful a show needs its best players to be its best players, and we saw it last night with a stellar performance from the kid line of Marsh, Cartman, McCormick, Broflovski and Stotch, who checked in and made an immediate impact in a highly entertaining third act. Despite being relatively quiet in the early going, the quintet’s efforts to help Grandpa by distracting residents of the nursing home with barbershop quartet renditions of pop hits was a stroke of genius.

This win makes it five straight to start off the season, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched the show over its previous 20. Next up on the schedule is another episode on October 25 that’s already generated plenty of buzz thanks to its proximity to Halloween. Catch all the action at 10e/7p only on Much.