10 Perfect Commentary Quotes From South Park’s Season 19 Blu-ray

South Park

Since the beginning of time (or, like, two decades ago), South Park has been an indispensable part of television. From fart jokes to celebrity send-ups to cracks at some of the most sensitive subjects in American history, it continues to slay us with a relentless dose of stupid and smart.

If you’ve watched previous seasons of South Park on DVD or Blu-ray, you’re probably familiar with co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s behind-the-scenes titbits in the form of episodic mini commentaries. Like many aspects of Season 19, things have been a little shaken up this year. Instead of having to sample a few minutes from each episode to enjoy these always amusing audio anecdotes, we get one half-hour commentary that takes us through all 10 episodes of Season 19.

With Season 20 about to hit Much’s airwaves on September 20 at 10E/7P, we wanted to hear what Stone and Parker had to say about last season’s newfound commitment to plot continuity, shout-outs to Donald Trump and Yelp reviewers, and, of course, boogers and cum. Here are our (slightly paraphrased) favourite things they had to say about each of Season 19’s 10 memorable episodes.

If you’re a fan of South Park, you can probably handle the filthy language and mature(ish) subject matter below. If you’re just to precious for that sort of thing, go watch a Carly Rae Jepson video or something.


“Stunning and Brave”


On the idea behind PC principle and what he’d actually think of South Park: “It would be pretty funny to have a PC person come in and be like “What the f*ck!? Why is this still on the f*cking air?”


“Where My Country Gone?”


On Donald Trump: “At first we were like, ‘Okay, we made a little Trump,’ and then were like, ‘no, f*ck him, we’re not going to give him the satisfaction of being in the show.’”


“The City Part of Town”


On the hip smugness of Whole Foods: “We were talking about South Park wanting to prove ‘we’re hip, we’re cool, we’re PC, we’re all right.’ What would finally prove that was having a Whole Foods.”


“You’re Not Yelping”


On Yelper etiquette: “Don’t tell people you’re a Yelp reviewer before your food comes or you will be eating boogers and cum.”


“Safe Space”


On the personification of Reality: “We did think Reality was going to be a big part of the season when we first came up with him. We thought that was really great. And then we thought, ‘Ah, f*ck it. Let’s kill him.’”


“Tweek x Craig”


On accumulating all that bizarre artwork: “Right up until the last minute we were furiously having people draw Tweek and Craig Yaoi art.”


“Naughty Ninjas”


On ISIS’ questionable wardrobe: “Naughty Ninjas only came from us going, ‘Don’t ISIS kinda look like ninjas?’”


“Sponsored Content”


On the season’s three-part conclusion: “In the last three episodes we went totally serialized, which I was a total proponent of, and I was totally wrong, cause it was f*cking hard.”


“Truth and Advertising”


On the outcome of the season’s penultimate episode: “We didn’t feel great about the ninth show.”


“PC Principle Final Justice”


On the finale’s bonkers ending: “Everyone goes and gets guns, and then everything’s awesome. We were gonna call it ‘Guns Solve Everything.’ If you watch just this episode, it’s f*cking crazy.”


Season 19 is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. It also comes with #SocialCommentary (kinda like live tweeting), a handful of deleted scenes, and a trailer for Ubisoft’s awesom-o-looking South Park: The Fractured But Whole.