South Park Is Just As Distracted By Trump As The Rest Of Us


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I know how anxious you millennials are to read things while turning your youthful noses up to digital video technology and free content, but take a second to actually watch the episode above so you know what we’re talking about.

Are you done? That was pretty good, huh? Okay, take a deep breathe, grab a piece or slice of your favourite fruit and settle in. You may now read.

South Park’s latest episode has Tweek squeakin’ about the bleak clique in North Korea, while America’s freak sheik shrieks weak speak from his geek beak. Cartman threatens suicide but kids keep dyin’ from distracted drivin,’ so he tries to provide the gals and guys… with… okay, I’m rhymed out. Hopefully you were able to understand some it, especially the term “geek beek,” which is a new term I’ve coined that means “personal smart phone.”

So yeah, like most people alive today, Tweek is worried about North Korea and its bombs that appear to be working enough to actually bomb something. The episode deals with our reactions to these troublesome world issues that have become commonplace in 2017, and tries to figure out whether we should fully bonk out or stay cool. In the end, Parker and Stone decide to put the blame on the president whose tweets not only escalate serious situations with other countries, but also distract us from everything else, including driving.

Driving you say? Why that concerns this episode’s b-plot where it’s revealed that Cartman begged Heidi to take him back, threatening suicide should she deny him. Left embarrassed, Cartman engages in his trademark overreaction and begins a suicide prevention campaign for himself. But people are too distracted with distracted driving week and ignore him, leading Heidi to lecture him on paying attention to those around him, which is heard by Craig and used in his efforts to help his boyfriend Tweek.

My fondness for this week’s episode can be expressed in many ways, but considering the medium I am currently working in, I feel the classic “Top 5” list will do just fine.

Top Five Things About This Episode

  1. Distracted Driving Accidents

Coming in at number 5, it’s the visual gag of children being hit by cars! The first couple of accidents were straightforward kid-being-hit-by-car types, but then the show cranked up the absurd and took distracted driving to the amusement park where the fun really began.

  1. Trump/Garrison’s Tweets

I’m still not sure whether the dude depicted in the president’s profile pic was supposed to be a more Trump-ified Mr. Garrison or Trump himself but it doesn’t really matter because the jokes lay in the words not the images, a tool used by novelists like Mark Twain and Tim Allen.

  1. South Park’s Depiction of North Korea

Team America: World Police’s Kim Jong Il stole the movie so it was very nice to see his son Kim Jong Un show up on South Park. He didn’t say anything or really do anything but the tease alone brought a smile to my face that the real Jong Un could only generate if he were torturing me for trying to tell his citizens that their country is totally nuts.

  1. Tweek & Craig’s Relationship

After rampant fan speculation, South Park confirmed Tweek and Craig’s romantic ties in season 19’s “Tweek x Craig.” This episode furthered their relationship and showed that the children of South Park Elementary have accepted the pair and take their coupling as normal. The sincerity of Tweek’s “Thanks, Craig” was beautiful and showed a rarely, if ever seen calmer side of South Park’s resident coffee fiend.

  1. The Songs

I had no idea that Cartman’s rap was a parody of some suicide song by someone named “Logic” but even still I found it hilarious. I thought it was making fun of Macklemore, which probably gives you a good idea of how old I am. The big number at the end was typically excellent and I hope there’s more because in recent seasons the songs have been one of the show’s strongest points.

See you next week! Will the show address Trump’s verbal gaffes during his UN address? Or will hurricanes take centre stage? Find out Wednesday at 10e/7p on Much.