‘South Side’ Creators Talk Chicago With Trevor Noah

The creators of Comedy Central’s South Side, Bashir Salahuddin, and Diallo Riddle, revealed on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah the importance of using a variety of Chicago voices to depict the picture of what this community is really like. 

“When it came for us to do a show, we were gonna also show all the different types of people that are in the community,” said Riddle, expanding on how the 1980s romantic comedy, Coming to America, brought them some inspiration for the creation of the show.

Salahuddin and Riddle wanted to show the true side to South Side, and looked to their friends, family, and other authentic voices of Chicago to tell the story. They wanted to show the audience that South Side is “a place of joy” and “a place of laughter,” and not just an area plagued by decay, as how the media tends to do. 

Since the show was recently renewed for a second season, Noah pushed the conversation to find out what the audience can expect and look forward to for Season 2. With the return of fan-favourite characters, Salahuddin and Riddle are going to expand on what the city is like.

“We have 153 speaking parts, and the comedy is coming from every direction,” said Salahuddin. “So next season, more of the same, more great Chicago stories, more great human stories.”

If you want to check out the interview for yourself, you can catch it right here. Tune into South Side on Much, every Wednesday at 10:30E/7:30P.