People Are Divided Over The Spice Girls Reuniting Without Victoria Beckham

Spice Girls

After years, yes, YEARS of teases, it’s official. The Spice Girls are going on tour! The news was announced Monday morning with a video from Mel B, Mel C, Emma, and Geri confirming their upcoming six-day tour, which also confirmed English artist Jess Glynne as their opener. Little Mix seemed like a more fitting opener, but we do love us some JG.

The four women sat down in a mock news broadcast where they confirmed the news and showed that they are still the queens of harmonizing. La la la has never sounded sweeter.

Although the announcement is about as exciting as scoring a pair of platform Sketcher sneakers in 1997, there are two big misses with the news today. One, the tour is only in the U.K. More like Spice Country than Spice World, amirite?

Secondly, bad news for your friend that always dresses as Posh for your group costume. Victoria Beckham has confirmed that she won’t be touring with her girl power group, making five become four. The fashion designer will be focusing on her label, but posted a message of support on Instagram. Girl power lives on.

Beckham not returning to the Spice Girls isn’t a huge shock. The fashion mogul did a hilarious interview in September with British Vogue, where she wore her most iconic Spice Girls looks, recited lyrics, and joked about her questionable singing abilities. Who knew Posh would be the funny one?


The reactions to Beckham’s absence have been mixed with some fans tweeting in support of Posh Spice’s decision to bow out of the reunion.


Others were less concerned with the smaller lineup and are simply happy to have any kind of Spice Girls reunion on the books.

Of course we want to see all five Spice Girls on stage together, but what we really want, what we really really want, are some North American dates. If you Wannabe our favourite tour of 2019, you gotta cross the pond.