Stars Sets Osheaga ‘On Fire’


“It’s us forever,” were the words fans read across Stars’ singer, Torquil Campbell’s white tee when he took the stage to raise a glass to 10 years of music.

The festival vibes were at an all-time high given it was the 10 year anniversary of both Osheaga and the band’s third studio album, Set Yourself on Fire, and it was made even more apparent when Campbell kicked off the set by saying, “This one’s for you.”

A performance of Set Yourself on Fire in full would have been more than enough to please the crowd, but Stars made the moment that much more special by inviting their closest friends to assist on vocals and instrumental.

They didn’t waste time introducing their first guest. By the second song, Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy, was taking the stage to help belt out lyrics to, “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead,” possibly the most well known track off the album. Meloy had just finished a full set of his own moments before, but the energy he brought to the stage was anything but dead.


Next up was Murray Lightburn, a name Osheaga regulars might remember from Stars’ 2013 performance when Campbell sported his classic DIY white tee and permanent marker combination, showcasing the words Mass: Light across his chest in support of Lightburn’s 2013 album release.


Additional guests included Katie Moore, Catherine McCandless, Patrick Watson–who happens to be performing for Osheaga day 2– Bahamas and Jason Collett, Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning ripping on guitar, and Kevin Drew, aka, the man who convinced the band to open the album with ‘Your Ex-Lover is Dead’.

It was a set to remember, and despite the album boasting lyrics telling stories of heartbreak, the performance couldn’t have been more representative of the love that grows in a decade’s time.

If you missed the set, you missed 10 years of Osheaga and the history of Stars summarized into a single show. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty more to celebrate with two days of the festival to go! Check out pics from Stars’ set below and be sure to keep up with for all your latest Osheaga news!