Streamys Hosts Grace Helbig And Tyler Oakley Have A Message For All You Internet Trolls


The Streamy Awards are coming to Much on Thursday, September 17 and since it’s an event devoted to all things great and hilarious on the internet, there are bound to be some, well, not so nice people on the web chiming in. That being said, Streamys hosts Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley are prepared to tackle all you internet trolls.

“We don’t have time to psychoanalyze all of your history and why you have all these seeds of hate inside you,” Helbig says to an actual troll doll in a new Streamys promo. “Instead, we want to extend an open invitation to us at the Streamy Awards.”

That’s right, everyone is invited to watch and stream the award show that night, but Oakley just has one request for all you haters: “Honestly, we need you to use the hashtag so if you’re gonna send hate, at least get it trending.”

So whether you want to root for your fave nominees or if you just want to hurl some insults at people (we don’t condone this, of course; trolling people on the internet is the absolutely worst), make sure you use the hashtag #Streamys!

Tune in to the 5th Annual Streamy Awards on Much and on Thursday, September 17 at 10E/7P!