10 Years Later: The Most Quotable ‘Superbad’ Moments

Whether you were heading to university, already in university, or had super chill parents who let you watch lewd teen comedies as a kid—Superbad‘s tale of youth and friendship was one for the ages.

Released ten years ago today, the Judd Apatow-produced, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen-written comedy starred Michael Cera and Jonah Hill as Evan and Seth—two semi-outcast best buds on a quest to get girlfriends laid before they leave for university. What ensues is 24 hours of mayhem after attempting to buy alcohol underage to deliver to their love interests at the year-end rager.

An abundance of highly quotable moments were born out of the 2007 flick, each still making us feel oh-so-immature, yet (usually, surprisingly) understood when we toss one out in a public setting. 

To celebrate 10 years of this ridiculous classic, let’s relive some memorable moments that are still so applicable to everyday adult life.


The perfect response to anyone taking anything too seriously.


The classic pretend look away.


Honestly, I think we’ve evolved past this quote, but sometimes it still feels right.


When you have to do literally anything by yourself.


When someone’s trying a new lewk.


When you don’t care, but actually care so much.


The three words heard ’round the world, that still apply daily. (Kids might recognize this better as “FML,” tbh.)


When you have a chatty Uber driver.


When you’re out of shape and exercise with a fit friend.


The “boop,” i.e. the only way to express affection towards anyone (animal or human).


We’ve merely grazed the surface here, but you get the point—Superbad is still beyond important, even if you feel like a 2007 bro quoting it. Either way (either way’s fine), do yourself a big Thursday favour and give it an anniversary watch. We’ll discuss again in 2027.