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We Roundup The 5 Biggest Suspects For The Pretty Little Liars Finale

We’re now only hours away from unmasking the final villain (or villains) on Pretty Little Liars and saying goodbye to the people of Rosewood. With last week’s reveal that Mona accidentally killed Charlotte and has now had a nervous breakdown, we’re pretty sure she’s off the list of usual suspects.

Of course, that still leaves an entire town of people who could be responsible for torturing Spencer, Emily, Aria, Hanna and Alison. A.D. turning out to be one of the Liars is still a possibility, but our guess is that it’s not one of the core five, but definitely someone close to them.

Cece Drake’s Charlotte/Charles reveal reminded fans to always suspect someone close, even family, and frankly we’d be throwing Mike Montgomery’s hat in the ring if we thought he was still alive (what happened to Mike?). Instead, we’re turning our attention to five other suspects that have been with us since Day One. Sorry Ezra, you’re out. It would just be too obvious.

Watch the two-hour series finale of Pretty Little Liars TONIGHT (Tuesday, June 27) at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo and check out our five biggest A.D. suspects below.

Wren Kingston

Wren’s role in Rosewood has always been somewhat loose. He was Melissa’s fiancé who had an affair with Spencer. Then he was a doctor at Radley. Now he’s show up for about two minutes in Season 7, just enough time to grab a drink with Spencer at the airport and be spotted by Ezra. What was the point of that cameo if not to remind viewers that Wren is still alive and well in the Liars universe…and possibly A.D.?


Melissa Hastings

We want to believe that Melissa is a great older sister. She spent six seasons protecting her little sister before Melissa realized that she buried an innocent Bethany Young believing she was covering up Spencer killing Alison. But Melissa’s past has always been pretty colourful. She dated shady men who always seemed to make-out with Spencer and she married Ian, who had an affair with a teenaged Alison and then tried to kill Spencer.

Melissa’s name has continually come up in relation to the A Team, from knowing Detective Wilden (Board Shorts) to enlisting the help of Jenna and Shana to protect Spencer. Have we ever trusted Melissa? No. But does she have a motive to torture the Liars? Well, kinda with Spencer (seriously, she kissed allllll of Melissa’s boyfriends), but what about the other Liars? Just collateral damage? Of course, this is going with the assumption that A.D. is a person of common sense and sound reasoning.


Toby Cavanaugh

Easily one of the best reveals in Pretty Little Liars history was Toby’s hood reveal. This also resulted in one of the most heartbreaking moments on the show. Learning that Toby was part of the A Team was eventually corrected, with Spencer’s boyfriend revealing that he was playing both sides to protect her. Totally makes sense, right? But, what if Spencer did actually catch Toby on the A Team and like anyone on the A Team or A.D., he was quick on his feet and easily delivered a lie that he was protecting her?

When we first met Toby, his step-sister Jenna was blackmailing him into a relationship and he had just returned from juvenile detention, where he was sent for blinding Jenna, something Alison did and the Liars covered up. Toby has the motive, he has a past with the people of Rosewood, he has access to the police department, and he has the perfect cover of being the guy who Spencer left heartbroken. Now as the grieving widow, Toby would be the last person the Liars would suspect. But exactly has he been doing at that cabin?


Jason Dilaurentis

Where has Jason been this season? Where is Jason during most seasons? He flies in and out of the Liars’ lives, staying just enough to reveal that he’s Spencer’s half-brother, Aria’s one-time hook-up, a member of the NAT club, a former make-out partner to his half-sister Charlotte, and a guy who probably knows way more than anyone else in Rosewood. He’s got the financial backing of the DiLaurentis family to build a dollhouse and to take a few computer courses.


Caleb Rivers

Okay, we know we’re probably going to get some hate for suggesting that Mr. Hanna Marin could be capable of carrying out the awful things A.D. has done, but could Haleb not be #endgame? The most obvious clue that Caleb is A.D. is of course his hacking skills. Plus, what do we really know about Caleb’s past? He was in foster care and showed up in Rosewood in high school. We’ve heard about his mother, but we’ve never actually seen her. Even his dad turned out to be his uncle and we don’t even know that to be a fact.

With so many half siblings showing up at every turn in Rosewood, there’s the possibility that Caleb could be Bethany Young’s half-brother. What we do know about his past is that he was housemates with Lucas, who was bullied by Alison, and he was once a spy for Jenna, who was blinded by Alison, an act that was covered by the Liars. There could be an argument that Caleb is targeting the Liars in retaliation for Lucas and Jenna and marrying Hanna is the perfect way to ensure she can’t testify against him. He’s also the only character to sleep with two of the Liars, plus he’s besties with Toby and Ezra, ensuring that he’s fully imbedded in the inner circle.

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