Taylor Swift and Kanye West Star in 2015’s Version Of ‘The Elevator Video’

About a million people performed during last night’s Grammy Awards, but let’s be real. The only thing, or more appropriately, the only person anyone is talking about today is Kanye West.

He mean mugged his way through the red carpet.

He performed solo with a single beam of light to Only One and then joined Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney on stage for FourFive Seconds. Pretty impressive, right? Time to call it a night.

But wait! Beck beat Beyoncé to win Album of the Year and Kanye totally Kanye’d, but then stopped himself from Kanye’ing at the last minute, a very un-Kanye thing to do.

Besides hitting the red carpet looking like a sullen 14 year-old at a family picnic, performing twice and almost bringing Hennessy Kanye back, the night was pretty tame in Kanye-land. Until this happened.

What in all that is Imma-let-you-finish holiness is happening? Were the Grammy’s moved from LA to hell and did it freeze over at some point during the night? That’s a legit embrace!

Awww hell yes!

Let’s say Taylor can forgive Kanye for interrupting one of the biggest moments of her life. She seems very nice, so it’s believable. And now Taylor is part of the illuminati or whatever it is that requires a friendship pass to the house of Carter, so there’s a very good chance the reconciliation was orchestrated by Jay and Bey. It looks like there’s even video evidence that suggests this scenario, but there’s one problem…


What other video does this remind us of?

That’s right. Taylor Swift and Kanye West speaking for the first time in six years is this year’s Solange and Jay Z Elevator Video.

What are they saying? Are they talking fashion? Lyrics? Cats? Baking? How many selfies they can take in a minute? What? What are they saying? We may never know. Long live Kaylor.