We Break Down Taylor Swift’s Best Dance Moves From ‘Delicate’

Taylor Swift, Delicate, Reputation, Dance

During Sunday night’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, Taylor Swift took home the official award for Best Female Artist and the unofficial award for Best Dance Moves In A Music Video. Premiering the video for “Delicate,” her fourth single from 2017’s Reputation, Swift and video director Joseph Kahn created a dreamy visual that had Swift under the spell of an invisibility cloak. Other than eavesdropping on conversations and partaking in some light shoplifting, what would we all do with such a gift? Dance like no one is watching, because they’re not.

Swift is always the first to admit she’s not a trained dancer, but after years spent looking like the only celeb who enjoys being at award shows and poking fun at herself in her video for “Shake It Off,” Swift is once again sending the haters to the left and looking like she’s genuinely having fun dancing around a hotel, through the subway, and onto a rain-soaked street.

Breaking new ground with her music and now her moves, Swift’s dance-centric “Delicate” has inspired some moves that we’re hoping will catch on soon, and not just because they’re easy enough for us to actually master, although that helps as well.


The X

Always start your dance move with a big opener.


The Snap

There’s not nearly enough snapping in dance anymore.


The Shimmy

All dance routines must include a moment of bringing out your inner Beyoncé.


The Drama Queen

We love a good dramatic move.


The Ballerina

Never had one lesson.


The March

Not all dancing on bars has to be Coyote Ugly-inspired.


The Rumba

Possibly channeling Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, or her bestie Ed Sheeran in “Thinking Out Loud,” Swift’s move doubles as her audition for Dancing With The Stars.


The Interpretation

Swift is a storyteller with her music and now with her dance. What story is she telling here? We don’t know, but we’d like to see how it ends.


The Singing In The Rain

We think Gene Kelly would approve.


The Broadway Star

Swift is coming for that EGOT.


The Finisher

Also known as The Gymnast, The Slide, and The Fastest Way To Splitsville.