Taylor Swift Is Dropping A Second ‘Delicate’ Music Video At Midnight

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s quirky, energetic “Delicate” music video, you’re not alone—the video currently has over 77 million views on YouTube despite it only being out since March 11, and it’ll likely reach 80 million within the next month.

Which is why we were so surprised when we heard that Swift is dropping a second “Delicate” music video, especially so soon after premiering the first one at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Yes, Swift is far from being the first artist to put out two different videos for the same song. And yes, Camila Cabello technically just released two music videos for “Never Be the Same.” But artists usually shoot more than one music video because they’re able to secure a bigger budget or develop a clearer artistic vision, and Cabello’s first video was more of a home video clip compilation than anything else.

Swift announced the arrival of “Delicate” 2.0 on Twitter and Instagram earlier today, informing fans that her new video is “coming out only on Spotify tonight.”


Yep, you heard that right—Spotify. Dropping videos via Spotify isn’t an entirely new concept—Selena Gomez premiered her “Bad Liar” video on Spotify just last year. But most artists still prefer to publish their videos to Vevo or YouTube, and Swift indirectly criticized music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music in an impassioned Wall Street Journal article in 2014. Plus, she almost completely removed her music from Spotify that same year (The Hunger Games’ “Safe & Sound” was the only Swift track that remained untouched), not bringing it back until last June. Swift and Spotify have clearly mended fences since then, but we’re curious to see how long their new partnership lasts.

Swift filmed the “Delicate” video announcement while rehearsing for her Reputation Stadium Tour, which is set to kick off on May 8 in Arizona and hit Toronto’s Rogers Centre on August 3 and 4. And in other Swift news, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer recently became both the first artist in two years to sell two million albums and the artist with the tenth most Billboard Hot 100 tracks in history (she’s put out 76 Hot 100 tracks in total, in case you were wondering).

Will the new “Delicate” video pick up where the first one left off? Will it clue viewers in as to how Swift rendered herself invisible? Or will the two videos be completely unrelated? Only time will tell, but we suggest that you scour the first “Delicate” video for hints until midnight just in case.