Taylor Swift Dances Her Way Through Video For ‘Delicate’

Taylor Swift, Delicate

Taking home the award for Female Artist of the Year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, Taylor Swift accepted her trophy in a pre-taped video clip. Busy rehearsing for her upcoming Reputation Tour, Swift ended her thank-yous by throwing to the highly anticipated debut of her latest music video, “Delicate.”

For the eighth time, Swift teamed up with collaborator and director Joseph Kahn, who has been behind some of Swift’s biggest videos, including “Blank Space,” and “Bad Blood.” Kahn also worked on Swift’s first three singles from Reputation, including “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It?,” and “End Game” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future.

Sticking to the pair’s usual big-budget aesthetic, Swift took a break from some of the more boundary-pushing visuals we’ve seen in the singles for Reputation and gave fans one of her more dreamy and personality-filled video. Pulling in vibes of Britney Spears’ iconic “Lucky” video and The Chemical Brother’s groundbreaking “Weapon of Choice,” Swift showcases the struggles of being in the public eye by starting the video at a premiere party where she’s hounded by fans and surrounded by security. After receiving a note that makes her invisible, Swift takes advantage of the anonymity and dances her way through the hotel, onto the subway, into a rainy street at night and eventually ending up at a bar, where she drops the note in time to see the one person she’s looking for. With no more invisibility cloak, the video cuts away before we can confirm that they’ve seen her too, but Swift’s smile at the end of the video indicates a ‘yes.’

“Delicate” is fun, it’s self-deprecating, it’s lighthearted, and it makes us happy for once that we can dance like no one is watching whenever we want and it doesn’t become front page news. Swift may never be known as the pop star with the best dance moves, but there’s something so charming and joyful about watching someone who looks like they’re truly enjoying themselves.

Check out Taylor Swift’s new video “Delicate” below.