Taylor Swift Fly-Away Contest: Our Winner’s Life-Changing Experience



On top of having one of the biggest albums of the past year, Taylor Swift has spent the past few months touring behind her mega-hit, 1989. The tour has been just as successful so far, with Swift making almost daily headlines with jaw-dropping guests and amazing covers. Inspired by her string of recent surprises, Much wanted to give one lucky fan a surprise of their own.

Much and Big Machine sent one winner and their guest to Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour stop in Toronto on October 2.

The lucky winner, Kris from Kindersley, Saskatchewan, flew cross-country with his sister to not only catch Taylor Swift live at The Rogers Centre on October 2, but even had the opportunity to meet her!


Kris had a lot to say about the life-changing experience,

“I actually thought I might pass out when they pulled back the curtain and walk into the room. When it was our turn I ran into the room and Taylor gave me and my sister the biggest hug I have ever gotten in my life. She immediately picked up on how we look identical. I then proceeded to tell her how much she means to me and I thanked her for everything she does and how she has helped us through so many hard times, and how her music never fails to make us happy. She gave me and my sister advice on heartbreak, and told us she loved us. Before we left she pulled us each in for one last hug, and we were sent out. After, we received a signed picture of Taylor.

Being in the same room as your idol is one of the weirdest, but best feelings in the world. I remember when I was in there, all I could do was look at her face and think, “How is she real? Is she actually real?” She looked so perfect, she looked like a wax figure. I was in awe the whole time, so it was hard for me to even get words out to her.


After we met her, I just kept trying to process what exactly just happened. It seemed so surreal to me. We went back to our seats and had the time of our lives! The 1989 Tour is one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to. I can’t begin to explain how amazing she is live. We danced and sang our hearts out for two hours straight!


After the concert we got back to our hotel room, and I decided to check if our picture was up yet. So I went to look, and it was. And I immediately started crying. It was real. That actually happened. This picture was a real picture. I was so happy how it turned out, and if you look at me in the picture, and see how big my smile is, that is my first genuine smile in so long. I can’t begin to express how truly happy I was. I have never been happier than I was in that moment.

The rest of our stay in Toronto was amazing. I got to explore more of it the next day and fell more in love with the city than I thought I would. I was sad having to leave! On the plane ride home, I was thinking about when I could come back and visit it again.

I told myself so many times I would never meet Taylor and that I would never have a chance. Much made everything I have ever wanted come true, and gave me something that I am always going to remember for the rest of my life. I will never stop being grateful!”


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