Taylor Swift Is Officially Running Out Of Celebrities

Taylor and Steven Main

On May 5, Taylor Swift played the first date of her 1989 Tour and effectively ensured that every celebrity kept their phone with them at all times for the rest of the year.

Since kicking off the tour in Japan, Swift has celeb’d her way through the UK, Canada, the U.S. and, come this fall, will be crossing the world back to Asia and then Australia.

With 26 dates left on the 1989 Tour, we have to ask, hasn’t Taylor run out of surprise guests yet? We think so.

This past weekend, most celebrities were either in New York for the Global Citizen Festival, in L.A. to see Kanye West perform at the Hollywood Bowl, or in Rio watching Rihanna return to the stage. Seems like it would be tough for Swift to wrangle an A-lister for her back-to-back nights in Nashville, right?

Alison Krauss.

Staring lovingly at @alisonkrauss because she's too heavenly to be real. #1989tournashville

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Leona Lewis.

SING @leonalewis

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Steven Tyler.

Mick goddamn Jagger.

Mick. Jagger. Nashville.

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Alright Taylor, that’s it. You’ve officially used up the world’s supply of celebrities. There are no more weird and shockingly impressive combinations of people to put together on stage. Time to cancel the rest of the tour.

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