There’s A Brand New Taylor Swift And Britney Spears Mash-Up

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift practically broke the MTV VMAs with the release of her first solo single music video in two years with “Look What You Made Me Do.” In just 24 hours, the Joseph Kahn-directed video surpassed 100 million views, breaking the record previously set by Adele’s comeback single “Hello” in 2015. This is in addition to the lyric video record Swift broke on August 25, which toppled The Chainsmokers’ and Coldplay’s 9 million views in one day by hitting the 19 million mark.

After a self-imposed exodus from the music business, Swift has finally returned to the top of the charts and is ready to double down on her haters, taking on the Kim and Kanye West controversy in her new video and song, as well as taking digs at herself using the terms the media has coined her with in the past, including ‘victim.’ The high-budget video for “Look What You Made Me Do” ends with a line up of Taylors, in part acting as a refresher on how one artist has managed to dominate the charts for nearly a decade.

One of the few musicians who can relate to Swift’s success is fellow pop singer Britney Spears. The former Mickey Mouse Club member has been releasing bona fide hits since 1999 and managed career longevity in a field that is known for its fickle praise of stars. So it seems only fitting that Spears and Swift are now finally making music together…sort of.

YouTuber AnDyWu Musicland released a “Toxic/Look What You Made Me Do” mash up this week, putting their own spin on the Spears classic and the soon-to-be Swift classic. Not only do the two songs fit together with their tempo and musicality, but having Spears and Swift share a music video is appropriate for another reason. It’s difficult to think of two pop stars, aside from Justin Bieber, who have been followed, scrutinized, vilified and celebrated more in the music industry than these two women.

AnDyWu Musicland has amassed a following of more than 230,000 subscribers thanks to impressive mash ups between Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande and more. But with the latest “Look What You Made Me Do/Toxic” connection, the YouTuber has created a track that not only boasts an impressive musical impact, but makes a thoughtful social connection between the artists.