Taylor Swift, *NSYNC And More Artists Who Suffered For Their Music Videos

Music Suffer

We’re only four days into a new year, but we’ve already got a brand new epic music video from Taylor Swift (yes, it was released with an hour left in 2015, but we’re giving it dual citizenship).

With the video for Out of the Woods, the sixth single from Swift’s 2014 album 1989, Taylor faces some difficult terrain in the New Zealand outback. According to her music video director Joseph Kahn, Swift suffered for her art during the difficult shoot.

Of course, Taylor isn’t the first musician to get a few bumps and bruises along the way to music video history. Here are other artists who suffered for their fans.

Out Of The Woods, Taylor Swift

According to Joseph Kahn’s tweets, “Taylor chose to stay in the mud for hours to keep the shoot moving. No in and out. Just gangstered it. She is bad ass. #OOTWMusicVideo” and “Taylor was so dedicated to making this video. I was wrapped in snow gear. She was in a dress. She suffered for her art. #OOTWMusicVideo”. If 2015 was the year of Swift giving us #SqaudGoals, 2016 will be #HikingGoals.

I Found You, The Wanted

Boy bander Tom Parker found himself on the receiving end of a blow to the nose while filming a fight scene for The Wanted’s video I Found You. Parker broke his nose, but man, that is a catchy song.


After injuring his leg during rehearsals for their 2001 world tour, *NSYNC member Joey Fatone had to sit out the shooting of Pop. Close up shots during the group’s dance sequence show Fatone, but wide shots reveal the song’s co-writer and choreographer Wade Robson with dyed hair.

Heart Attack, Demi Lovato

After breaking her foot and spending weeks in a cast, Demi Lovato braved high heels for her Heart Attack video shoot. The singer stayed put for most of the video, letting her voice do all the heavy lifting.

Straight Up, Paula Abdul

It’s a good thing Paula Abdul took home four MTV Music Video Awards for Straight Up, because the slick dance floor resulted in a number of falls during shooting for the professional dancer. Awards are a silver lining, right?

#Beautiful, Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey looked #Beautiful while shooting her 2013 duet with Miguel, but after tripping on her heels, the singer dislocated her shoulder and cracked a rib. #DivaTroubles

Blind, Hurts

In a double dose of irony, Hurts frontman Theo Hutchcraft was almost blinded while filming the video Blind in Spain. Hutchcraft fell down a flight of stairs in one scene and landed on an iron gate, requiring stitches on his face near his eye. At least the injury worked for his character. Silver lining part two.

The Wild Boys, Duran Duran

As one of the most expensive music videos of the 1980s, The Wild Boys almost cost Duran Duran their lead singer. At least, that’s what was reported. While filming the video, Simon Le Bon was on a windmill that dunked the singer every few seconds. Reports claimed that Le Bon’s head was submerged in water for minutes when the windmill broke, but Simon later claimed the story was false. I guess when you’re Simon Le Bon in the 80s, you don’t even need a cheating death story to look cool.