Taylor Swift Performs With Nelly And Signals The End Of New Friends

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Earlier this week we predicted that the end of Taylor Swift’s list of celebrities had arrived. Looks like we were right.

Surprising fans with A-list guests during every stop of her hugely successful 1989 Tour has seen Swift out-Swift herself. Singers. Actors. Models. Sports stars. Rappers. Rolling Stones. Friends. Everyone and anyone who was willing to walk, roll, or sing their way across the stage has scored an invite.

Seeing celebs on stage is nothing new for a Taylor Swift show. During previous tours, Taylor would invite musicians to duet with her when she played their hometown, with everyone from Sam Smith to Nicki Minaj represented (yup, they were friends before they weren’t and then were again).

In addition to the absolutely astronomical number of celebs Swift has scored for her legions of fans, the 1989 Tour has also included another big achievement – new faces. Taylor’s much blogged about squad of model friends, as well as surprise musical guests like Beck and Alanis Morissette, has meant a new crop of names added to the Swift Tour List. Until now.

While playing in St. Louis last night, Swift invited REPEAT guest Nelly on stage to perform his single Hot In Herre for his hometown. There was singing. There was rapping. There was a dance sequence.

HOT IN HERRE @derrtymo feat @haimtheband Yes we made up a dance yesterday in the dressing room.

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We’re never going to fault Swift for anything for including Nelly on her tour, especially when we get to party like it’s grade eight. But we definitely think that this repeat appearance is a sign that Swift has used up the world’s supply of celebrities.

“WHAT?!” “…OH.” @derrtymo @haimtheband

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