Here Are Some Great Fan Reactions To Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’

It’s been two years in the making and the day has finally come for the world to hear Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album Reputation.

The highly anticipated pop record officially dropped at midnight, although some sites managed to get leaked tracks 12 hours early, with the songs being scrubbed from the internet by Swift’s team almost as soon as they were uploaded.

Swift has been promoting the album heavily for the past two months, dropping her singles “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It” and last week’s empowering romantic ballad “Call It What You Want.” Just yesterday, Swift dropped a fourth song from Reputation, debuting the piano-driven ballad “New Year’s Day” during a new episode of Scandal. The song encapsulates Swift’s talent for storytelling in her songs, a strength that has made the singer one of the most celebrated songwriters of the past decade.

The live video was shot in the living room of Swift’s Rhode Island home, the location of her famous Fourth of July parties, but instead of inviting her squad of famous model and singer friends, Swift is surrounded by 100 of her biggest fans.

The performance took place during one of Swift’s Secret Sessions, a tradition she began with 1989 and has continued for Reputation. Taking place at her homes in London, Los Angeles, New York and Rhode Island, Swift hand picked her biggest fans to visit her homes and hear the new album played in its entirety, with each fan signing an NDA prior to hearing the album. If there’s any doubt over Swift’s fandom, not a single attendee spilled the beans about the top secret events.

Now with the album officially open for public consumption, the reviews are in and it’s a fact—people are loving Reputation. The queen is back.


Some fans couldn’t find the words to express their feelings.

Taylor Swift 2020.

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