Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Gets Animated

Shake It Off Animated m

For a while it felt like every day there was a new cover, mash up, spoof, homage, and just about every other spin that fans could put on Taylor Swift’s monster 2014 hit Shake It Off. The shaking seems to have quieted in the wake of Swift’s release of Bad Blood, until Shake It Off was assigned as homework.

At The University of Newcastle, 49 animation students brought to life their interpretations of Swift’s dance-centric video. Octopuses, burger butts, rabbits, donkeys, giant Taylor Swift-heads and more were included in the video to give Shake It Off new and animated life.

Each student was given 52 frames to fill for a total of 2767 hand-drawn frames shot with rotoscope. There aren’t any famous models or cameos, but we think it’s pretty cool.