Tegan And Sara Announce ‘The Con X: Covers’ Album

It was exactly 10 years ago today that Tegan and Sara unleashed their stunning album The Con into the world. Prior to the release of their fifth studio album, the Canadian sister duo had already amassed a devoted following of fans thanks to their unique blend of folk and pop music on albums like So Jealous and Under Feet like Ours. But with 2007’s The Con, the duo cemented themselves as two of the most exciting voices of a generation.

Drawing from heartbreak over broken relationships and the death of their beloved grandmother, Tegan and Sara created a masterpiece nestled in what would become an incredible discography.

As the anniversary of The Con approached, the twins began anticipating the momentous date by sharing old photographs on social media.

The Con X…. Monday, July 24th……… more to come…

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Now, with the official 10-year anniversary taking place today, Tegan and Sara are continuing to celebrate one of their most beloved albums by announcing a new project. Well, a new project featuring some old songs that we love.

Writing on their official website, Tegan and Sara announced The Con X, an album of artists covering all 14 songs from the original album.

“When we released The Con exactly 10 years ago today – July 24, 2007 – we had been on earth for 9,390 days. Another 3,650 days have passed since then and if we’re lucky we could live another 12,510 days. In a way, we’re at the hallway point of our lives; “halfway to death” as our Dad ominously told us on his 35th birthday. This was also the kind of existential number-crunching we were doing during our 26th year on earth in 2007, and The Con was born from that experiential panic,” writes Sara.

“To commemorate the impact The Con had on our career and songwriting, today we are very excited to announce The Con X: Covers, a new album featuring 14 of our favorite artists covering all 14 songs from the original album. When I hear another band or artist cover one of our songs it can be indescribable and pleasantly disorienting – creating hope where there was originally hopelessness or joy where there was only ever regret. A pop song can become a claustrophobic ballad, or an anguished confession might be transformed into a euphoric mantra. In some ways hearing someone else interpret something so familiar is a way to finally be freed from the personal history of the song and to hear it for the first time.”

The Con X will arrive on October 13, 2017 and while Tegan and Sara have not yet revealed which musicians will be featured on the new compilation, they have promised that their next announcement will include more information. The sisters also revealed that all of the net album proceeds from The Con X will be donated to the Tegan and Sara foundation, which raises money to support LGBTQ women and girls.