Tegan and Sara Party As Puppets In Miami In ‘Dying To Know’ Video


Tegan and Sara released their eighth studio album Love You To Death this past June and promised fans a music video for each of the ten heartwrenching, dance-friendly tracks. The duo have so far already released videos for “Boyfriend,” “U-Turn,” “Faint of Heart,” “100X,” “White Knuckles” and “BWU,” “Stop Desire,” and are now honouring the 1980s with their latest video for “Dying To Know.”

The Quin sisters have been working with a number of different directors for their Love You To Death videos, including friend and actor Clea Duvall, but for their eighth music video they looked to artist Nathan Boey to make them look cool…as puppets.

“A few months ago I was watching a TV show about the ’80s, and a scene from Miami Vice with Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas came on,” Tegan told Billboard. “They were talking specifically about the episode in which they used the entire Phil Collins song ‘In the Air Tonight,’ almost as if it were a music video.”

Tegan was eager to recreate the slick scene, but budget and government ID produced roadblocks. “I remember thinking how cool it would be to have Sara and I remake the famous scene. Sadly, neither of us can drive, nor did we have the time or funds to reshoot that famous scene in Miami. Instead we tapped director Nathan Boey in Vancouver to reshoot it using puppets! I think it might even be better with us as puppets than if we had been in it ourselves.”

The video shows puppet Tegan and puppet Sara racing through the streets of Miami in a Lamborghini, hanging out on South Beach and making calls on oversized payphones. We assume they’re having fun, but it’s always hard to tell with puppets.

“Dying To Know” is the first video Tegan and Sara have released since finishing their Love You To Death World Tour, which kicked off in London on June 22 and wrapped in Florida on November 16.

Check out Tegan and Sara in their super cute puppet form below.