Tegan And Sara Add New Song ‘Fade Out’ To ‘The Intervention’ Soundtrack

Tegan and Sara Fade Out

Indie darlings Tegan and Sara’s have dropped a new track titled “Fade Out,” that will appear in the upcoming comedy-drama film, The Intervention. 

“Fade Out” is a shimmering pop tune that narrates a dissipating romance. “It feels hopeless and I know that you know this / I break your heart, break your heart every time,” the sisters sing over a synth-heavy beat. Originally written for their most recent studio effort Love You To Death, the track fits in perfectly with the record’s theme of tumultuous songs of heartbreak disguised as pop bangers.

“‘Fade Out’ captures the emotional complexity of the film,” director Clea DuVall (who also directed the duo’s “Boyfriend” and “BWU“) said to Rolling Stone. “I love the duality of the dreamy melody with the somewhat bittersweet lyrics.”

The Intervention, starring Natasha Lyonne, Cobie Smulders, Jason Ritter and Alia Shawkat, tells the story of four couples on a weekend getaway that gets derailed once one pair finds out the trip was planned as “marriage intervention.”

The accompanying visual for “Fade Out” offers a behind-the-scenes look at the production, capturing the lighthearted essence of the film’s set.

But the song wasn’t Tegan and Sara’s only contribution to The Intervention—Sara also did the musical score for the movie.

Singers, songwriters, performers and now, score composers. Is there anything the Quin sisters can’t do?

“A lot of the first few weeks primarily involved me Googling ‘How do I score a film?’,” Sara said about the gig. But according to DuVall, her inexperience was what landed her the role.

“A big reason why I wanted to work with Sara on the score is because she hasn’t done it before,” DuVall said. “I wanted something that didn’t sound like the scores I am used to hearing. I’m really thrilled with how it turned out.”

The Intervention opens in theatres this Friday, August 26.