Tegan And Sara’s ‘Stop Desire’ Makes Everyday Objects Super Hot


Tegan and Sara promised fans that they would be releasing music videos for each new track on their eighth studio album Love You To Death and the Canadian duo are making good on their word.

The duo have already dropped videos for “Boyfriend,” “U-Turn,” “Faint of Heart,” “100X,” “White Knuckles” and “BWU,” and now the sexually charged “Stop Desire,” which dropped today.

The colourful video is part office supplies commercial, part 70s romance film, with no shortage of sexual innuendos in every shot. The duo posted their latest video on Facebook, saying, “We wanted to marry the high-energy and colorful vibe of Stop Desire’s production with the longing sexual undertones of the song’s lyrics for this video.”

Tegan and Sara have been working with a number of different directors for their Love You To Death videos, with Allister Ann stepping behind the camera for “Stop Desire.” Tegan and Sara said, “Director Allister Ann created a colorful world for us where we go throughout our day straight-faced while encountering characters finding sensuality in every day things.”

The new video features comedian and Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts, as well as internet celebrity Shrampton the Cat. Tegan and Sara visit the post office, the laundry mat and an outdoor market, all while encountering people who have a knack for making every day objects sexual. Who knew sending a letter could be so hot?

Check out Tegan and Sara in “Stop Desire” below and then go find yourself a pen pal.