Ten Second Songs Is Back With An Incredible Cover OF Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood

Bad Blood Cover Main

If Taylor Swift’s star-studded music video for Bad Blood is done blowing your mind with its non-stop barrage of beautiful and famous faces, then here’s a new doozy for you.

YouTube artist Ten Second Song has taken on the rumoured Katy Perry-diss track and give it new life with 20 very different styles.

Starting off with a spot-on impression of Kendrick Lamar rapping, well, Kendrick Lamar, Ten Second Summer aka Anthony Vincent gives us some major 90s vibes with TLC, Shaggy, Pearl Jam and even Eiffel 65. Yes, Eiffel 65.

The song also includes Vincent performing Bad Blood in the voice of children’s characters Tiny Tim and Barney alongside Def Leppard and Black Sabbath. Like Taylor Swift’s music, this cover really does have something for every generation.