The 10 Craziest Looks From the MTV VMA Red Carpet

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The MTV VMAs feature one of the craziest red carpets of the year, and we’re not just talking about the incredible performances and shocking interviews. The VMA fashion has historically given us some of the most shocking outfits in pop culture history (we’re talking about your left boob, Lil Kim) and the 2015 show was no different.

Here are the celebs that had us doing double takes with their daring fashion choices.

1. Amber Rose and Blac Chyna reclaimed slurs against women with their unique ensembles.
Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

2. Frankie Grande forgot his shirt for the VMAs and improvised with a quick stop at Michael’s and a lot of glue.
Frankie Grande

3. Moschino fashion designer Jeremy Scott designed this year’s MTV VMA Moonmen and the red carpet, which means he gets to match both. Those are the rules of fashion.
Jeremy Scott

4. Jillian Michaels has fitness DVDs to sell, you guys.
Jillian Michaels

5. Michael J. Willet is not Faking It when it comes to making bold fashion statements.
Michael J Willet

6. When you’re the host of the party, you better have the craziest outfit on the red carpet. Mission accomplished, Miley Cyrus.

7. Walk The Moon are what happen when the Teletubbies go to a black tie affair.
Walk The Moon

8. Social media matron Baddie Winkle showed that you can still feel young and turn heads at 87.

9. Serayah looks like she just left an audition for Teen Wolf and we love it.

10. Speaking of Teen Wolf, MTV star Dylan Sprayberry totally shocked us with, well, not really seeming to care too much about being on a red carpet. Like, wearing a baseball hat-not caring.
Dylan Sprayberry