The 10 Most Shocking MMVA Moments

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Every June, the MMVAs deliver shocking moments that have us talking for years to come.

From wardrobe malfunctions to pop stars becoming untamed, here are 10 of our favourite most shocking MMVA moments.

Catch all the shocking moments from the 2015 MMVAs this Sunday at 9E/6P.

In 2011, Gaga said no to shaving and yes to teal hair.


A teenaged Avril Lavigne learned the value of a good belt during her first MMVA performance in 2002. Years later, the singer spoofed her own bum-baring wardrobe malfunction by writing ‘MMVA’ on her behind.


The Used’s Bert McCracken put our censors to work in 2007 when his expletive-filled performance went off the rails.


Miley Cyrus officially became untamed during the 2010 MMVAs.


Gaga took pyrotechnics to a whole new level at the 2009 MMVAs.


New Kids On The Block reunited on stage at the 2008 MMVAs and we’re pretty sure we can still hear the screams.


Jelena made their first public appearance playing coy on stage at the 2011 MMVAs.

MMVA 274

Drake and Justin Bieber both crashed the 2011 MMVAs and tied for UR Fave Artist.

MMVA 400

Katy Perry hit the 2012 MMVAs with an entourage of mini-me’s.


2013 MMVA co-hosts LMFAO left little to the imagination with their closing performance, which included a, um, elephant trunk.