The 10 Things You Must Remember From Last Season’s Orphan Black


Fri, April, 17 by


Orphan Black returns tomorrow night on Space and we could not be more excited. It has been several months since season two wrapped up, though, so our memories are admittedly a little fuzzy. To help you refresh your memory, we re-watched last season’s explosive finale and revisited some very important points you need to remember before diving into the season three premiere tomorrow night.

Take a look below to remember what happened and don’t forget to tune in to the season premiere of Orphan Black tomorrow night at 9E/10P on Space, followed by Innerspace: After the Black at 10E/11P!

1. Sarah surrendered to DYAD after Rachel kidnapped Kira
After Rachel took Kira from the hospital, Sarah quickly surrenders herself in order to try and save Kira. This leads to Sarah getting furiously examined by DYAD scientists and Dr. Nealon getting her to sign away her eggs for “research” purposes. Of course, the real plan here was to take one of Sarah’s ovaries, but thankfully that surgery was interrupted by Cosima’s sidekick Scott who wheels in a device to help Sarah escape. Which leads to our next point…


2. Rachel was taken out by a pencil
In the gnarliest scene of the episode, Sarah uses Cosima’s device to shoot a pencil into Rachel’s eye. This created a window of time for Sarah to escape, but little did she know a plan was already put into motion to rescue her and Kira because…


3. Siobhan made a secret deal with Paul
Remember Paul? He works for the military! After Cal tells Siobhan everything he figured out about Project Leda and something else called Project Castor, she calls up a favour from Paul. In return for getting Top Side head Marion to step in and save Sarah from DYAD, Siobhan secretly gave Paul/the military another clone — Helena.


4. Helena got kidnapped
Shortly after the clones reunite for one night of happiness (SIGH), Helena walks out and is immediately kidnapped by the military and put on a plane to a mystery location. She is still pregnant with Prolethean Henrik’s baby.

5. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this amazing scene?

6. Delphine is sent away
Before Rachel took a pencil to the eye, she exercised her powers to send Cosima’s girlfriend Delphine away to Frankfurt where she will no longer work with clones.

7. Duncan killed himself
Fearing what Rachel would do with the key to his cipher, the synthetic sequences behind all the clones, he poisons himself while talking to Rachel who completely loses her sh*t. Thinking Sarah held valuable information about Duncan’s cipher, she storms into her surgery and destroys Kira’s bone marrow samples (that they needed to cure Cosima). Unfortunately for Rachel, that’s when she gets attacked by a pencil… Just wasn’t a good day for her, you know?

8. Prolethean Mark and Gracie ran away together
After Helena torched the Prolethean farm, Mark decides to run off into the sunset with leader Henrik’s daughter Gracie (who is pregnant with Helena and Henrik’s baby). Free from Henrik’s control, Mark and Gracie get married.

9. Cosima found some important information
The morning after the epic clone dance party, Kira wakes Cosima up to read books to her. Cosima, still sick and dying from a clone-related illness, discovers important notes from Duncan hidden in a book that he gave Kira. Is this the key to saving Cosima?


10. Project Castor is revealed
In the final moments of the finale, it is revealed that there is a male counterpart project to the female Project Leda. In short: there are male clones! Two things are clear to viewers: that this male faction has been under the control of the military and we’ve already seen this male clone in the form of — wait for it — Prolethean Mark! We also get a glimpse of another male clone who is being held captive in Marion’s mansion. What does this all mean for Sarah and her sisters?