The 12 Most Memorable Moments In Juno Awards History


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We are less than two weeks away from the annual Juno Awards, a night of celebrating the best in Canadian music. As we gear up for the big night, we wanted to take a moment and look back at some of the Juno Awards’ best moments in recent history (the award show is heading into its 45th year!). So we’ve combed through our memories and compiled our 12 most memorable moments.

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Drake Is All About The Old Money
Yes, it’s totally arguable, but we think that Drake is one of the best Juno Awards hosts ever. Seriously. We had a tough time narrowing down just one of his best moments hosting the 2011 show, but we settled on this memorable skit where Drake takes his Young Money brand to some older folks, transitioning his brand to Old Money. That moment where Drake dances with that woman is a GIF gem. (Okay one more great skit was when he Skyped Justin Bieber.) (OH, and when they performed together! But that was another year. Drake should just be at the Junos EVERY YEAR.)

Russell Peters Makes Calgary Laugh
Of all the past Juno Awards hosts, comedian Russell Peters is definitely the funniest. The 2008 host combined funny one-liners with a full-on stand up opening monologue and seven years later, we’re just LOL-ing at these jokes.

Shania Twain Makes Sports Jerseys Fashionable
When Shania Twain hosted the 2003 Juno Awards, she made sure she was the star of the night by constantly changing her outfits and highlighting a different sports jersey in every segment. But she didn’t just wear big, baggy regular jerseys, she made sure they were C-H-I-C! Just take a look at this Calgary Flames dress!

Michael Bublé Is Maybe The Most Charming Host Ever (Or Not)
Complete with fitted tuxes and his naturally charming croon, Michael Bublé hosted the 2013 Juno Awards and still remains one of the funniest hosts in Junos history. Below is just an example of the many times he made us laugh that year: he starts off creepy, complimenting the beautiful female musicians in attendance, but the real kicker is when we spots his gorgeous wife in the crowd…Oops!

Celine Dion Shows Us The Power Of Love
Here’s a real throwback! In the ’90s, Celine Dion dominated the Juno Awards, getting nominated for (and winning) a number of trophies and in 1995, she performed her hit The Power Of Love and showed us just why she was a Canadian superstar. That voice! That smoke machine!

Serena Ryder Defends Justin Bieber
When Justin Bieber won the Fan Choice Award last year, many of the people in attendance clearly didn’t approve of this and booed the Canadian pop star. Bieber wasn’t there to defend himself or accept the award, but Serena Ryder had Bieber’s back, telling the crowd that he deserved his award. Whether you agreed with Ryder or not, you must admit that it was a very nice thing for Ryder to do.

Tegan and Sara Get Closer To Choir! Choir! Choir!
Last year, Tegan and Sara were the big winners at the Juno Awards, taking home three of the night’s top prizes including Single of the Year for their pop hit Closer. Their performance of that song was a huge highlight, including an entire choir of backup singers called Choir! Choir! Choir! This Toronto singing group performed that same song of theirs at the Polaris Music Prize gala when Tegan and Sara were unable to attend so to see the two finally take the stage together was a musical dream come true.

The Moffatts Host The Juno Awards
Remember when The Moffatts had a Beatles moment? Okay, a Canadian-sized Beatles moment? Man, this was peak ’90s Canadiana! Great Big Sea! Prozzäk! Our Lady Peace!

This Classic Backstreet Boys Moment
Remember when the Backstreet Boys attended the Junos? Okay, just A.J. and Howie BUT STILL! THEY THANKED MUCH! (Seriously, though, where were Nick, Brian and Kevin? “Prior engagements”??)

Alanis Morissette Takes A Stand Against Censorship
Following the big Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson controversy at the Super Bowl, Alanis Morissette hosted the 2004 Juno Awards and made it very clear that she was glad Canada wasn’t as strict on censorship…except, we were. Alanis had to ditch the nipples and pubic hair ASAP.

William Shatner Messes Up Deadmau5
When William Shatner hosted the 2012 Juno Awards, some were skeptical of the actor’s knowledge of current music and even though he did a great job hosting, he did have one hilarious fumble: he pronounced DJ/producer Deadmau5’s name “Dead-Mau-Five”. We still use this pronunciation today.

Feist Has A Little Fumble
Before Feist swept the 2008 Juno Awards, she performed for the very first time at the 2005 Junos. She was great, doing a solo performance of Mushaboom, but hit a tiny snag mid-song and had to stop. Thankfully, she laughed it off and picked up right where she left off. What a pro!