The 14 different types of dads (as illustrated by Homer Simpson)


Thu, June, 12 by

Father’s Day is this weekend and even though we will be stuck at our desks working the biggest event of the summer, we will still find time to celebrate our wonderful dads.

While you figure out what mug and brand of coffee to get your pops, take a look at our little guide to dads below for inspiration! Of course, we illustrated this list with the best dad we know on television: Homer Simpson! Well, okay, the first dad we thought of…

Happy early Father’s Day!

1. The “Cool” Dad
If your dad tries to use the words “rad” or “dope”, run.


2. The Soccer Coach Dad

3. The Emotional Dad Who Will Most Definitely Cry At Your Graduation/Wedding/Etc.
“I can’t help it, I’m just so proud of my little girl!”

4. The “Healthy” Dad
No, dad, bacon is not a vegetable.

5. The Dad Who Doesn’t Know How To Cook
Y’know, on second thought, let’s just order pizza.

6. The Dad Who’s Better At Technology Than You Are
Don’t trust these dads around your social media accounts.

7. The Charming Dad
Y’know, like the dad version of MILF. Come on, look at that handsome Homer.

8. The Dad Who Will Embarrass You With His Dance Moves
Sometimes in public, sometimes in the your own kitchen…with your grandpa.

9. The Dad Who Teases You All The Time
Quit it, dad!

10. The Dad Who Encourages Family Outings
Can I just go skating with my friends, please?

11. The Frugal Dad
One day, you won’t get off-brand Oreos and cereal.

12. The Dad Who Takes Things Just A Little Too Far Sometimes…
We’re hoping this one’s just a Homer thing.

13. The Foul-Mouthed Dad
Goddamnit, amirite?

14. The Dad Who Might Do This In Public
Just slowly back away and pretend you’re not related to him…