The 14 Most Shocking Moments From This Season’s Orphan Black


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Season three of Orphan Black wraps up tomorrow night on Space and it’s been one crazy season. So much has happened, so many characters have been introduced, and so many insane twists have been revealed that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around some things. We’ve broken down some of this season’s most shocking moments just in time for the finale so we can all hopefully get caught up and prepared for the biggest episode yet.

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Rudy Escapes From Marion Bowles’ House
Our first introduction to the Castor clones this season was Rudy, who was locked up in Topside leader Marion Bowles’ mansion. He was an immediate threat to Sarah and the Leda clones, but we didn’t realize how dangerous Rudy and his “brothers” were until the end of the episode when fellow male clone Seth murders the security guards and helps him escape. Just the first of many bloody encounters with the Castor guys.


Cal Takes Kira To Iceland
With so much danger looming around Sarah and her family, Cal convinces Sarah to let him take Kira to Iceland for the time being. (We don’t see Kira for the rest of the season other than a fantasy sequence that takes place in Sarah’s mind.) The decision to take Kira away happened directly after Rudy broke in to Felix’s loft and held Kira captive in return for information from Sarah about Duncan’s mysterious code, which Sarah knew nothing about. Which leads to our next shocking moment…


Rudy Kills Seth
While Rudy was trying to pry info out of Sarah, Seth begins to have an aneurysm and Rudy leaves Kira and Sarah to run to Seth’s side. Instead of saving him, though, Rudy ends Seth’s suffering by shooting him dead. Clearly the brotherly love is just not as strong as the love between the Leda sisters.


Mark And Gracie’s Marriage Is Cut Short
At the end of season two, Mark and Gracie escape the Prolethean farm, run off and get married. But this season, we quickly find out that Mark was, in fact, working for the military the entire time and is well aware of his role in Castor. This begins to drive a wedge between him and Gracie, who is rightfully hurt by his lies. When Mark goes off to retrieve info Gracie’s dad might’ve been hiding, though, he is gunned down by Gracie’s mother.


Delphine Becomes A Badass (But Maybe Too Bad?)
After Rachel’s pencil-in-the-eye accident last season, Delphine took over Dyad and, along with gaining more responsibilities within the company, she also became more badass. This unfortunately completely ruins her relationship with Cosima, and even when Cosima finally moves on with Shay, Delphine becomes jealous and almost spiteful. Is this the end of Cophine?


Gracie’s “Illness”
After Gracie loses Helena’s baby and is shunned by her Prolethean family, Siobhan welcomes her into her home, but they soon find out that she’s dealing with a rare kind of disease — a sexually transmitted one she got from Mark. Apparently Castor clones spread this sickness to every person they have sex with and thus, have been keeping tabs on their sexual experiences in a notebook given to them by Dr. Virginia Coady. But her aim wasn’t to necessarily find a cure — it was to turn it into a weapon.


Alison and Donnie Become Drug Dealers
While the Leda and Castor clones were battling it out, Alison and Donnie have been living out a nice suburban life…sort of. Alison decides to run for School Board Trustee, but in order to win votes, she decided to start selling prescription pills to suburban moms, which is apparently a hot market. As a result, Alison’s ex Jason gets involved (he provides the pills via “Pouchy” who fans may remember from Vic’s days on the show) and all sorts of fun and/or dangerous hijinx ensue (refer to GIF below). We’re not entirely sure where this story line is going, but it has been a wonderful source of comedic relief throughout a tense and crazy season.


Leda and Castor Are Siblings
As if the biology of this show wasn’t confusing enough, a major plot twist reveals that the Leda and Castor clones share DNA, which means: THEY’RE BROTHERS AND SISTERS.


Sarah Gets Captured
Instead of listening to everyone, Sarah goes off to look for Helena (who was traded off to the military by Siobhan) and, as a result, gets captured and taken to the military base herself. Oh Sarah, always the rebel.


Helena Leaves Sarah
Not knowing that there was a deal put in place by Siobhan, Helena put the blame on Sarah for getting her captured. So when Sarah joins her in the military cells, Helena is reluctant to work with her. But, after a while, Helena warms up to the idea of teaming up and together, they devise a plan to break out. The plan works out, but unfortunately for Sarah, Helena doesn’t bail Sarah out and runs away without her sister.


Paul Saves Sarah
For seasons, fans have been wondering what Paul’s been up to. This season, we finally see his real role within the military, but his heart still clearly belongs to Beth (but really Sarah). When Paul finally cracks the case on Dr. Virginia Coady’s plans to weaponize Castor, and Sarah is in danger of Coady’s extreme experiments, he helps Sarah escape. But this came at the ultimate price: his life. At the end, he unleashes a grenade that blows up the military base and takes Coady’s research with him.


Rachel Can Read Duncan’s Book
After a season of trying to figure out the message hidden in Duncan’s book, it is Rachel who can decode it all and she uses this to her advantage to try and escape Delphine and Dyad.


There’s A New Leda Clone!
In the very first episode of the season, we briefly meet the newest Leda clone, Krystal. She was spotted making out with Rudy in an elevator and shortly after that, he and Seth attempt to shove her in a car trunk, most likely to kill her or bring her to the military base for testing (as evident with what happened to Helena and Sarah). Although it was presumed that Krystal escaped the Castor clones safely (Rudy was subsequently held captive by Marion), we didn’t see this new character for most of the season — until “Ruthless In Purpose, And Insidious In Method”. There, Krystal becomes the victim of Sarah and Felix, who infiltrate the nail salon she works in to steal her wallet, and identity in general, for Rachel in return for Rachel decoding Duncan’s book. Although Felix was close to revealing it all to clueless Krystal, Sarah pleaded Felix to keep Sarah away from the “Clone Club”. Too bad she got dragged into it anyway when she was kidnapped and used to replace Rachel at Dyad.


Siobhan’s Mother Is The Leda And Castor Original
Yeah, we’re still wrapping our heads around this one.