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The 15 Cutest Animated Couples Of All Time

Thu, February, 11 by Lydia Reabel- Pinheiro

Bambi and Faline

While we spent our childhood falling in love with these cartoon characters, they were busy falling in love with each other. They showed us no matter who you are, human or not, there is someone out there for everyone. They give us a little bit of hope that a love like theirs can exist beyond our imagination.

Here are 15 of the cutest cartoon couples that are totally inspiring our love life.

1. Daisy and Donald Duck
They waddled right into each others hearts.


2. Flick and Princess Atta
A perfect example of a Bug’s (Love) Life.

Flick and Princess Atta

3. Lady and The Tramp
A match made in spaghetti heaven.

Lady and The Tramp

4. Bugs and Lola Bunny
This romance was a slam dunk.

Bugs and Lola Bunny

5. Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse, mega love.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

6. Popeye and Olive Oyl
She just wants to say, “Olive you”

Popeye and Olive Oyl

7. Bambi and Faline
They loved each other deerly.


8. Fred and Wilma Flintstone
~insert Lil Wayne Bedrock lyrics here~


9. Wall-E and EVE
An extrodinar-E love story.


10. Thumper and Miss Bunny
They really carrot about each other.


11. Carl and Ellie Fredricksen
A love that can only go Up from here.


12. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable
Proving nothing is impossible.


13. Cosmo and Wanda
A fairly odd–but adorable–relationship.


14. Leela and Fry
Who knows what the future has in store for these two?


15. George and Jane Jetson
This love was out of this world.