The 2015 Emmy Awards Recap: Viewing Bunkers, Selfies And All Of The Feels

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The 2015 Emmy Awards brought the laughs, the tears, and the 11 p.m. cut off on time last night, making it one of the most succinct and fun shows in years. Host Andy Samberg gave us some Digital Shorts love, a hilarious monologue, and a rainbow of blue tuxedo jackets to choose from.

Missed last night’s big show? No problem. We’ve got the highlight reel ready for you. Here are the best moments from the 2015 Emmy Awards.

Andy Samberg’s opening skit included some real talk on how freaking difficult it is to keep up with every buzz-worthy show in 2015. Viewing bunkers are real, y’all.
1. Shows

The host then went into his opening monologue, which included some well-timed political jokes.
2 monologue

Samberg tried to make Amy Poehler the Nicki to his Miley, but there wasn’t nearly enough “What’s good?” questions being asked.
3 Beef

Poehler and Amy Schumer were the first presenters of the night and we think we just figured out what should be their next movie.
4 Amy

As with most serious award shows, music will alert people when it’s time to wrap up their speech. Except for the Emmys, which used Jane Lynch as the Game of Thrones “shame nun”.
5 GettyImages-489370398

Ricky Gervais predicted (correctly) that he would not be winning an Emmy last night, so instead he posed as if he had in hopes that the internet wouldn’t fact check the picture.
6 GettyImages-489372370

James Corden took a selfie with the Emmy accountants; Ellen DeGeneres has nothing to be worried about.
7 GettyImages-489392850

Samberg and Seth Meyers presented Lorne Michael’s with the World’s Best Boss mug a little too early. It was actually supposed to go to Shonda Rhimes.
8 GettyImages-489391228

Lady Gaga looked like this. We don’t have a punchline, she just looked really pretty.
9 GettyImages-489393634

Uzo Aduba won and gave us all the feels.
10 GettyImages-489395394

Amy Schumer took home an Emmy and the award for best smokey eye.
11 smokey eye

Much like Ricky Gervais, Amy Poehler was pretty sure the Emmys would shut her out again for her role as Leslie Knope and dressed accordingly.
12 Poehler hoody

Game Of Thrones writer D.B. Weiss was the only person to swear on air last night. If you’ve watched Game Of Thrones then you know Weiss should have also been naked and killing someone.
13 GettyImages-489395726

Like the rest of us, Jon Hamm was also tired of not hearing his name called for an Emmy.
14 Jon Hamm

Tracy Morgan is so back.
15 Tracy

In the end, Viola Davis won the entire show.