The 22 Best Moments From The 2015 Oscars (In GIF-form!)


Mon, February, 23 by

1. Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick kicked off the night with a big musical number which was rudely interrupted by Jack Black.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch came prepared with a flask.

3. Being the great host he is, Neil went to talk to some seat fillers. Here’s a guy named Steve.

4. Then the snubbed Lego Movie took over the Oscars…

5. Tegan and Sara made Canada proud onstage performing Everything Is Awesome.

6. And The Lonely Island were there too.

7. Oh, and Batman (Will Arnett) and Questlove!

8. And something even more awesome happened: they started giving away LEGO OSCARS! Oprah got one.

9. Channing Tatum got one.

10. And Emma Stone didn’t win a real Oscar, but she did leave with a Lego Oscar!

11. Speaking of which, Patricia Arquette was the actual winner of Best Supporting Actress and her acceptance speech immediately made her our new favourite feminist hero.

12. Even Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez lost their sh*t over Patricia’s amazing speech.

13. Elsewhere, Neil did a bang on impression of Michael Keaton in Birdman.

14. Neil also gave Octavia Spencer the task of looking after his briefcase of Oscar predictions all night. She was absolutely not allowed to do anything else but look after that briefcase.

15. Adam Levine also didn’t win an Oscar, but his wife had a good time, at least!

16. Oh, that booze kicked in.

17. John Travolta made all of us, especially Idina Menzel, very uncomfortable at this point.

18. But all was saved with Common and John Legend’s powerful performance of the Selma song, Glory.

19. It was so powerful that it brought everyone to tears, including the film’s lead actor, David Oyelowo.

20. And Chris Pine.

21. Lady Gaga gave an absolutely beautiful tribute to The Sound of Music and this moment between her and Julie Andrews was truly a special moment.

22. The Imitation Game won for Best Adapted Screenplay and its recipient Graham Moore gave one of the most moving acceptance speeches of the night encouraging everyone to “stay weird” and be themselves.

And yes, there were more winners, but we’re not gonna lie, we got a little sleepy. Bravo to all the winners and here’s to another fantastic year at the Oscars!