The 26 Most Important GIFs From The 2015 Grammy Awards


Sun, February, 8 by

What’s an award show without the amazing opportunities for memorable moments that can be turned into trending hashtags, memes and GIFs? Tonight’s Grammy Awards was filled with incredible moments that have inspired countless GIFs that will undoubtedly fill your feeds for days. So to help you out, we’ve created a one-stop-shop of GIFs just for you!

1. Haim is really challenging their pal Taylor Swift for the title of most enthusiastic award show attendees.

2. Nicki Minaj making sure no wardrobe malfunctions happen here.

3. But seriously, don’t mess with Nicki.

4. Okay, this is adorable.

5. “Rock Onnnnn!”

6. No, seriously, ROCK ON!

7. Taylor wants to remind you that she has friends and lots of them.

8. But she also has some good advice to those who didn’t take home the title for Best New Artist.

9. While we’re at it, here are the obligatory dancing Taylor GIFs…



12. Of course, she wasn’t the only one who busted a move. Sir Paul McCartney jammed out for a bit (before he saw the camera and sat down — NO ONE STOPS PAUL MCCARTNEY FROM DANCING).

13. We think Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were dancing?

14. Madonna clapped along.

15. Kim supported her man Kanye.

16. Speaking of which, Kanye not only killed it once onstage…

17. He also slayed alongside Paul McCartney and Rihanna.

18. Sam Smith was the big winner of the night and said all of the inspiring things in his speeches.

19. There was this mildly confusing moment between Nick Jonas and Meghan Trainor.

20. President Obama made a surprise appearance (but clearly didn’t realize that Chris Brown was in the audience when he pre-taped this speech on violence against women).

21. That was followed by a lovely performance by Katy Perry (who stole Solange’s wedding dress).

22. Madonna brought her new music video for Living For Love to life.

23. Lady Gaga got her jazz on with Tony Bennett.

24. Usher and Stevie Wonder made sweet, beautiful music together.

25. When Beck won Album of the Year, Kanye almost pulled a Kanye by going up to the stage to defend Beyonce. Or so we assume.

26. And, okay, this happened before Beck’s win but Prince’s face says it all.