The 5 Best Covers Of OMI’s ‘Cheerleader’


Mon, August, 24 by


As we slowly approach the end of summer, a handful of tracks have prevailed as the songs of the summer (of course the ultimate song of the summer is always up for debate). OMI’s breezy love song Cheerleader is definitely at the top of that list, undoubtedly as one of the most-played songs in recent months. (Remember when he performed that song at the beginning of summer at the MMVAs?)

Since the song has blown up, many have covered the song and made it their own. Take a look below at the five best covers we’ve heard all summer!

By now, we know Pentatonix will do a great job covering almost any song and that’s no different for this hot summer jam. Sure, there’s no signature trumpet sounds, but the quintet make up for that with beatboxing and flawless harmonizing.

Walk Off the Earth
Canadian acapella group Walk Off the Earth is always known for being innovative with their covers and their latest cover of Cheerleader may be one of the most creative yet. Performing inside the confines of their tour bus, the band utilizes everything in sight, from pool noodles to people snapping their fingers in their bunks to create the foundation of the song while the full band (including a very pregnant Sarah Blackwood) convene in the back to complete the song.

Nick Jonas
Okay, so Nick Jonas’ fans actually covered the song more than Nick himself. During a performance in the Dominican Republic, the pop star surprised his fans with the cover and his fans were so ecstatic that they screamed the words to the song louder than him. OMI has some really hardcore fans!

KHS & AJ Rafael
YouTube stars KHS and AJ Rafael teamed up on this incredible cover of Cheerleader where AJ stands in one spot singing the song while KHS runs around from instrument to instrument performing all the parts that make up the song’s foundation. It’s seriously an impressive feat.

Miranda Sings
Beloved internet weirdo Miranda Sings gives her take on the OMI hit by showing off her best cheerleader moves in a pink sequined tutu look. We think she’d make a wonderful cheerleader on top of being on of our fave singers, of course.