The 5 Greatest Things Jon Stewart Ever Gave Us (Besides The Daily Show)


Most Jon Stewart fans are in mourning this week as the end of his 16-year run as host of The Daily Show comes to a close. Other Jon Stewart fans, perhaps a minority in numbers though not in depth of devotion, are psyched about the possibility of a long overdue Death to Smoochy sequel now that Stewart will have the open space in his schedule.

This post is for them, the Stewart fans whose love for the man can’t be fenced in by the confines of The Comedy Network. Jon Stewart is more than just a fake newscaster, he’s a great awards show host, a talented writer, and a terrible actor, too. Here are five monumental entertainment achievements that have nothing to do with The Daily Show but everything to do with J-Stew:

1. That time he was on The Nanny

A mere two years before Stewart would take over as host of The Daily Show, he guest starred on Fran Drescher’s popular-for-some-unknown-reason sitcom. Stewart played her character’s dream man: a doctor with a Porsche.


The episode features an inexplicable nod to Dynasty in the form of a fantasy sequence in which Stewart and Drescher are wed. The idyllic love match falls apart though, when the couple run into each other at the same wedding—and realize that they’re related.


2. That time he gave us the underappreciated cinematic gem, Death to Smoochy

Roger Ebert did not like this 2002 movie, which also starred Danny DeVito, Robin Williams, and Catherine Keener. “Only enormously talented people could have made Death to Smoochy,” wrote Ebert, winding up for the film critic’s equivalent of a sucker punch. “Those with lesser gifts would have lacked the nerve to make a film so bad, so miscalculated, so lacking any connection with any possible audience. To make a film this awful, you have to have enormous ambition and confidence, and dream big dreams,” he concluded. Sounds like professional jealousy to us.

3. The two occasions on which Stewart hosted the Academy Awards


Their loss, Jon. THEIR. LOSS.

4. All the great animated characters he voiced, like…

…Mr. Random on Phineas and Ferb.

…Matt Trakker on Robot Chicken.

and Jon Stewart on The Simpsons. He totally mastered that one.


5. The time he brought the story of an unjustly imprisoned Iranian-Canadian journalist to the big screen

The moving 2014 drama Rosewater marked Stewart’s first time sitting in the director’s chair and we’re happy to report that his debut received far better reviews than Death to Smoochy (sorry, Danny DeVito). In fact, Rosewater, which Stewart also produced and adapted for the screen from Maziar Bahari’s memoir, garnered the best critical reception out of all the films he has been involved in (The Beaver, Evan Almighty, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back included). The fact that he stayed behind the camera for this one is probably just a coincidence, right?

Tune in to Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show tonight at 11E/8P on The Comedy Network!

By Corrina Allen