The 73rd Golden Globes By The Numbers


The 73rd Annual Golden Globes took place in LA tonight and featured big wins, surprising shut outs, and of course, no shortage of ‘I can’t believe he said that’ jokes from host Ricky Gervais.

Exactly what happened tonight? Let’s break it down by the numbers.

Bears From The Revenant: 1


Bleeps: 9 (Jaimie Alexander, Amy Schumer, Matt Wahlberg, Gael Garcia Bernal, 3 from Jonah Hill and surprisingly only 2 from Ricky Gervais)

J Law

Winner Speeches Cut Off By Music: 9 (Kate Winslet, Rachel Bloom, Cast of Wolf Hall, Quentin Tarantino, Lady Gaga, Alejando Inarritu, Ridley Scott, Brie Larson, Leonardo DiCaprio)

cut off

Celebs in (Oversized) Glasses: 3 (Maura Tierney, Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell)


Presenter Screw Ups: 1 (Jaimie Alexander and Amber Heard)


Genuinely Shocked Winners: 4 (Kate Winslet, Rachel Bloom, Sylvester Stallone, Brie Larson)


Least Shocked: 2 (Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, because, come on)

least shocked

Steve Harvey Moments: 1 (Jamie Foxx)


Headlocks: 1 (Jason Statham delivered, Paul Feig endured)


Fake Books Read: 1

fake books

Pop Stars On Stage: 3 (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Sam Smith)

pop stars

People Offended By Ricky Gervais: Countless


Fantasies Inspired: Countless-er