The 8 Types Of Valentine’s Day Couples


Thu, February, 12 by

1. The Couple Who Takes Valentine’s Day Too Seriously
These two take Valentine’s Day to the nth degree. They are Hallmark’s dream demo. From decorating their entire apartment in candles and flowers to elaborate gestures (like the one below), this type of couple really take this day to show each other, and the rest of the world (via public gestures and surely all of the Instagram pics) just how much they’re in love. Barf.

2. The Couple Who Don’t Care About Valentine’s Day
What’s the point of spending one day celebrating your love for each other when you have to do it all year ’round? This couple will most likely scrap any special plans and just treat it like any other day. Save the festivities for your anniversary.

3. The Couple Who Actively Hates Valentine’s Day
These couples are more intense than those who don’t care. They actively hate the day and voice this opinion whenever they can. Valentine’s Day is dumb, cute couples are dumb, flowers are dumb….chocolate is acceptable. Yes, people in relationships can still hate on other couples. There are no rules.

4. The Couple Who Begrudgingly Celebrate Valentine’s Day
This couple feels the pressures of Valentine’s Day. As they turn to each other to discuss whether or not they should make special plans, both shrug their shoulders and go “MEH, why the eff not.”

5. The One-Sided Valentine’s Day Couple
One person in this relationship clearly likes Valentine’s Day more than the other and the results can be super awkward. The more enthusiastic one will obviously go overboard with affection while the less enthused one will then be embarrassed and may even take it out on their partner. This is one of many ways Valentine’s Day can be disastrous for people in relationships.

6. The New Couple Celebrating Their First Valentine’s Day
Aww, it’s their first Valentine’s Day together! They’re young in love and the sky’s the limit for this magical day! (Unless they’re the couple who don’t care, which in that case, refer to that above.)

7. The Are We/Aren’t We Couple Who Now Have To Awkwardly Tackle A Day Like Valentine’s Day
These two people have perhaps been casually seeing each other but have yet to define their relationship. Thus, leading us to the awkward Valentine’s Day conversation: “Oh, uh, are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?” “I don’t know…are we a couple?” Eek.

8. The Couple Who Are Destined To Fight No Matter What Holiday It Is
Special occasions and holidays can be super stressful for people and many are prone to take it out on their loved ones. Valentine’s Day then, can be a landmine waiting to go off and a day like this is just filled with opportunities for resentments and other built-up aggressions to come out. Best to avoid these couples whenever a holiday creeps up.